This man is a breath of fresh air – you might care to meet him”

- Margaret Young, Editor of International Rock Gardener, web magazine for the Scottish Rock Garden Club


Suttons - James Wong (6th August 2014)“Robbie is one of those rare talents in the world of horticulture, who combines an almost superpower-like ability to instinctively ‘get’ how to make plants grow, backed up with world class scientific knowhow. Possessing a level of botanical understanding that is second to none, amongst my colleagues he is the go to guy for plant propagation, taxonomy, identification and ecology queries, right up there with the horticultural heavyweights at Kew. Smart, dedicated and easy to work with, this guy is a rare find.”

- James Wong, Kew trained botanist, Science writer & Broadcaster.



JanePerrone“Robbie Blackhall-Miles is a rare find: a plant expert who has a way with words, writing engagingly about his subject to a lay audience.

In his regular series on the Guardian gardening blog, Robbie manages to unpack the trickiest botanical jargon, weave in the odd anecdote and ultimately persuade the reader that they must go and seek out this rare plant right now. His copy fizzes with excitement but doesn’t waste a word.
Robbie wears his erudition lightly, but I always learn something new from him. You can tell his knowledge is a useful mix of intense experimentation both at the propagating bench and in his garden, and scholarship drawing from a range of botanical sources.”

- Jane Perrone, The Guardian’s gardening editor and author. 



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